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It’s the best way to show you what it’s like to work with me.


”Ragan, as my spiritual guide and life coach, has a unique way of setting the stage,  each and every session, for my most honest conversation with myself. Whereas standard therapists might, Ragan neither feeds me points to consider, nor does she presume that I am ready for any given topic. Instead, she invites me to co-create a resonant field that we then sit in and discuss openly, whatever is at the top of my mind. From there, she guides me as I trace back to the core feeling of whatever "issue" I have named. This core emotional work goes to the heart of both my psyche and my emotional body. As we gently embrace this stored data, I feel tremendous release and am free to live and respond more as my present self and not from past traumas or stuffed fears.

 “My life has rapidly improved over the year and six months of working consistently with Ragan. Her patience, as she has allowed me to drive the pace and topics of our time together, has inspired me to GO FOR IT and really tackle  "hard" material in a very short amount of time. The work is almost fun, and as the results pour in, I am continually encouraged to do even more clearing and opening to my right life.

 “Since meeting Ragan, I have built two new successful companies, met my life partner, created a baby with him, and healed many of my relationships.” - Megan Joy Havrda, Entrepreneur



"Anya and I wanted to share out infinite gratitute for the session on Wednesday and how much it has really helped both of us communicate, work together, and express more of our highest-selves! It was a really powerful experience and we couldn't be more thankful for your vibration in this world! So blessed to have you sharing the light for others! Keeping shining your light everywhere you go!" ~ Shane, Healer



"I came to Ragan during a very emotionally and physically challenging time in my life and was in desperate need of finding myself. I was coming out of a long-term relationship and had a strong desire to heal my heart and soul, while focusing on my fulfilling my eternal happiness but didn’t have the tools to do it on my own. Through months of intensive spiritual counseling and self-guided meditation, I felt like I had become a new being. I felt lighter, brighter, happier, and more grounded than I had felt in years. With Ragan's spiritual wisdom, loving and supportive nature, and her uplifting guidance, I was able to move on in a profound way that has made me a stronger and happier version of myself. I am so thankful for the work I did with Ragan. She has truly changed my life." - JL, Dietician



“Working with Ragan Thomson has been a beautiful experience. After each session, I feel lighter, brighter and full of love. She radiates compassion and love and is committed to her journey as a healer. Her passion and divine sense of purpose fill each session serving to have a profound effect on me. I would recommend Ragan's work to anyone looking to dive deeper into raising their consciousness and compassion for Self and all Beings.” - Sarah, Yoga Instructor



"Healing sessions with Ragan are a unique and powerful experience. She has created the most beautiful healing space imaginable to conduct sessions. She guides you to a deeply relaxing state and intuitively finds and helps you unravel the deepest blockages. After any visit, I feel tremendously lighter and happier. I was freed up from very old and limiting beliefs." - Dr. Hesu Whitten, DC



"Ragan is an expert in her field, she provides just the right guidance and space to connect you deeply with what matters most in yourself, she creates a beautiful space for going deep and experiencing transformation. I highly recommend her work." - Nicole, Yoga Instructor



“I found during sessions that i was more clear and able to focus. As if the real me came thru. This clarity now has transformed my life. I’m much happier!” - John, Musician



"Ragan is a gifted and powerful healer. Her compassion and depth enabled me to identify unproductive patterns and clear blocks so that I could better achieve the highest knowledge of my authentic self." - Maria, Nutritionist

“After participating the three of Dale’s seminars, my life is in a calm and juicy flow.  Dale is a perfect teacher, very real and grounded, who has found his own freedom. When I walked into his first seminar, I saw hanging on the wall his system that described the dysfunction I was feeling, along with a map of the simplest way to reduce the dysfunction. It was true to everything I know from my own life of studying with many different teachers. 


“My inner barriers shifted really fast, in just 24 hours. Over 12 weeks, from the beginning of February to the end of July, I attended three of Dale’s seminars. I’ve continued to experience more shifts of awareness, clarity, and a releasing of barriers. To have healthy relationships, you must resolve baggage of old loves. And illuminating our shadow side changes everything and reduces your fears!


“Last winter I moved from Boston to Santa Barbara. A friend here said, “‘You'll like Dale. Come to his seminar.’” I am so glad I did.


“I’m now 62 years old and was longing to feel free, to be authentically who I am. I had been brought up Catholic and realized I had lots of baggage, along with emotional and spiritual resistance. I carried a lot of sabotaging ideas that had come from people I loved including the nuns. At age 15 I had a falling out with the church and a few years later began a study of world religions. Since then I have walked a path of creating more awareness, feeling what it means to be a free woman in heart, soul and mind.


“Moving to Santa Barbara was a big transition, but I’ve seen in my spiritual search that every seven years I go through a big transition. In the 1970s I gave up a successful academic career – I was a Fulbright fellow in Brazil – to become a massage therapist. I discovered that we all know what needs to change but we can't get there because of our intellectual or emotional barriers. So I developed a Body Wisdom system that starts with the body and moves to the mind, but I had a hard time getting thru to people in Massachusetts who were scientists stuck in their minds. Some friends said my ideas would find a better reception in California and I have found that to be true.” - Dawn J.

“With Ragan's spiritual wisdom, loving and supportive nature, and her uplifting guidance, I was able to move on in a profound way that has made me a stronger and happier version of myself." ~ Joe, Dietician

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