Ragan Thomson is a loving, compassionate and intuitive healer and teacher who works today as a Transformational and Spiritual Life Coach. She specializes in helping women to lead in their divine feminine essence, help men and women find their ideal spiritual partner and help individuals who are ready to heal any and all wounds of the past so that they may have the life and relationships of their dreams.


The Power of Healing Work

After many years of diligent study and personal transformation, Ragan grew ready to work with others after her own clarity was achieved. As a result of her extensive education and healing work from extraordinary mentors, guides, and teachers from around the world, she began to view life as a giant canvas from which she could create the most magnificent picture of the life she desired. She helps her clients create their own picture of peace, tranquility, balance and joy. After only 6 months of applying this same healing work within her own life, she manifested her dream home, her life partner, and had her first baby. A beautiful vision of life made manifest!


Remembrance of Who One Is 

Now, Ragan Thomson is a loving and compassionate coach. Her clients can tell you firsthand how their lives have shifted and transformed in the most beneficial ways possible. Instant manifestation becomes a part of your reality. What she offers is personal transformation, a guide to waking up and remembering who one really is. 


The Process of Freedom 

Through a sacred process of compassionate and loving energy, all pain is lifted and cleared from the consciousness which is done with ease and grace. A new belief system is created and all judgment of ones self is released. This process of sacred transformation leaves all clients feeling lighter and with a deeper sense of who they are. The amount of sessions desired will depend on each client, as every individual works differently and has more or less material to work with. The outcome or the work is based on the clients' commitment to themselves. While working with Ragan you may receive more clarity, more peace and an increased freedom from within.


My Inspiring Manifestation Story 

Eight years ago, I was in a completely different place than I am now. I was someone who craved happiness but felt it was only temporary. I experienced highs and lows, each day being confronted by fears, doubts, and worries. I knew these emotions didn't serve me, but had no idea how to shift my life. Like so many, I had many painful experiences and considered myself broken at times. Although some would say I had it good: friends, family, some cash in my pocket, and many awards from my successful tennis career. For me, this was not happiness. I knew there was more. I wanted to love myself without conditions, which meant loving me simply for me, not because of what I could offer others, or for how I looked, or for what awards I received. I also knew that I wanted a life partner, children, and to love where I lived.

I was in a relationship, at the time, which so often felt hard and challenging. I loved the man I was with, but we would argue constantly. I could feel insecurities and fears come up daily. Finally I reached my limit. I wanted peace and decided to investigate the information board at the Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City. I had been going to service there for years and had enjoyed wonderful healing classes. There I found my first, clear and present mentor, Cynthia Lamb.        http://www.cynthia-lamb.com


After six months of clearing out a lot all my pain, fear, doubt, judgment, and old wounds that were ready to be healed, I manifested my life partner, my first child, and my dream home! I found a partner who said he wanted to be with me even though I had just discovered that I was pregnant with my first daughter by my on-again-off-again boyfriend. Oh yes, that was a fun experience! I wanted a child and yes I got one, but with my ex-boyfriend. I thought, "Well, this is not what I expected." I needed to let go of the idea that this new man would not want me when I just met him and I'm pregnant. But I continued to work on the fears that blocked me from the very things I wanted: a wonderful father for my child and a life partner. After some time thinking whether or not to tell him, I did. He said, Congratulations. How wonderful! He was there for me, holding my belly, opening doors, and moved in with me just prior to the birth of my beautiful daughter.

You see, we were living in two different places. Redondo Beach, CA and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Not even distance was able to stop me from manifesting all that I desired because of the deep spiritual work I was doing. I saw my ideal partner coming and cleared out all the fears and wounding around men from the past, including my father. The darkness within had lifted enough to finally see clearly and I began to live in a space of peace and joy. Soon after, my partner, Alex, and I had twins! all girls! He is out numbered!


I still process today as I did back then and my clarity continues to increase. I also now have another mentor who is a master teacher of similar healing work to what I'm doing, Dale Halaway.        http://dalehalaway.com/


With the help of my mentors and thru my diligence doing my own internal healing work continuously, more dynamic manifestations appear every day. It just gets better and better! Lighter and brighter!  Much more has happened, but you will have to meet me to discover the miracles that emerge from this work.

“I am so thankful for the work I did with Ragan.

She has truly changed my life." ~ Jill, Dietician

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