Transformational Life Coach

Are you ready to stop struggling in your life and begin to live the life of your dreams? 


Are you ready to find your ideal mate?


Are you ready to have the birth of your baby be one that is beautiful and empowering?

Creating this life is up to you! It's an inside job and with my help I'll help you clear out all old residual fear, doubt, and worry that is ready to be healed. The result is the power to manifest at an accelerated rate all that you desire! Let me help you discover who you really are and find freedom from within!

Visioning helps to develop a clear image of an individual’s goals. By providing a sense of purpose and form in daily life, it can drive creative energy toward realizing and achieving our greatest dreams.

Transformational couples’ sessions are a potent tool for creating not only joy and fulfillment in relationship, but also for designing a shared vision for achieving your life’s dreams through partnership. By learning valuable tools for communication, visioning, spiritual practice, and clearing emotional turmoil, your relationship can transcend to even greater heights.

In order to achieve a transformation into the ‘life of your dreams,’ Ragan’s personalized sessions will guide and inspire you to release all fears, doubts, and worries that are ready to be cleared. Through a series of powerful sessions, which incorporate a spiritual practice, meditation, information gathering, channeling, and expert guidance, you will be ushered along the path of living your greatest dreams!

Creating a spiritual community through bringing focused group awareness around specific issues and societal challenges can be a powerful, transformational process in and of itself. Joyticity offers guidance and a deeper connection with others spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Various important topics centering around mind, body, and spirit will be discussed and explored. Dive-in and get involved in our upcoming and ongoing community based events.

This is a powerful and important process of which Ragan comes into a space of which is in need of getting rid of old stuck energy that has accumulated over time.   Negative thought form holds energy which likes to hide within indoor spaces. With the use of sage being burned and at the same time prayers are said to release the energy that is stuck. The result is a space which is cleansed, purified, and ready  for a fresh start!  This is good to do periodically within your home or office.


"...my life has rapidly improved since meeting Ragan a year and a-half ago. I have built two successful companies, met my life partner, created a baby with him and healed many of my relationships."

~ Megan, Entrepreneur

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